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Welcome to

An NFT project for healthcare workers, made by a team of doctors.

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There are 59 million healthcare workers in the world. But there can only ever be 10,000 ApeDocs

That means each one of us is as smart as 100... 10,000...? A lot. Each one of us is as smart as a lot of regular healthcare workers. 

If you're wondering; 

"Why would an NFT project for healthcare workers (HCWs) make sense?" ... Get ready to have your tiny monkey brain blown open.

The Mission

We predict a future in which healthcare workers will have their ApeDocs on the walls of their offices right next to their medical degrees, and the first thing young students will do when they hear they got into medical/ dental/ nursing school is rush to buy their very own ApeDoc. 

ApeDocs is the first ever NFT project designed specifically for doctors / healthcare workers (HCWs). The two most beautiful functions of NFTs are helping people represent their digital identities, and being able to create strong online communities that they have ownership in

Anyone who is a HCW, or knows one, can vouch that these careers are more than just a job. It's who we are. There is no better digital avatar for any healthcare worker than an ApeDoc.

HCWs also love hanging out with other HCWs, posting medical memes, moaning about hospital administrators, and giving each other a hard time (different medical specialties making fun of each other, doctors and nurses making fun of each other... all with love!)  We also share the funniest stories from wards, discuss medical cases/ learn together, and give each other career guidance. 


You've got the same chance of hearing an 'S3 heart sound' with this as your real stethoscope.


What about for non-medical people?

If you're not a HCW, but you're really passionate about healthcare, being part of the ApeDocs community is a great chance to join a tight-knit family including HCWs and enthusiasts from around the world. We want, and need, some of YOUR voices in our group. If you have questions, want to get professional perspectives on a news article you've come across, want to share good/bad experiences you've had with the healthcare system, voice your appreciation for HCWs, or just want to see what we really think behind the scenes... it's time to become an ApeDoc!

NFT Perks

ApeDocs NFTs

turban new
new crownnnn
eeg background
beanie DO
surgeon shears
pharmacist back
sutured mouth

Learn about the ApeDocs Collection

The Art

Each layer in our collection was hand drawn by our lead graphic artist, @halalgirlnewyork, a New York based doctor herself.


10,000 unique combinations of backgrounds, fur color, clothing, accessories, facial expressions, masks, eyes, hair/hats, and medical equipment.

Rare Features

ApeDocs have higher rarity based on the below attributes:

  • Fur color (gold, diamond)

  • Medical props 

  • Specialty specific ApeDocs (e.g. orthopedic ApeDocs, radiology ApeDocs, cardiology ApeDocs)

  • 'Healthcare Hero' Crowns

Why Apes?

As doctors, even when it looks like we know what we're doing, deep down, we just feel like apes wearing a white coat. (Also, NFTs and apes are a match made in heaven...)

Will there be more ApeDocs in future?

No. The collection of original ApeDocs will only ever have 10,000.

Future Airdrops?

We plan on generating further digital assets to be sent for free to ApeDoc NFT wallets, primarily focusing on medical apparel and equipment e.g. the ApeDoc banana stethoscopes.

What does NFT ownership give you?

The ApeDocs Club welcomes all members, but ApeDocs Family (NFT holders) will be granted access to: 

  • Exclusive voice/text channels

  • Free access to affiliated educational partner programs e.g. LibertyMedics 'How To Make It In America' course for doctors looking to move to the US ($200 regular price). We will be expanding partnerships to other educational courses/ textbooks/ question banks relevant for HCWs using our network of contacts. 

  • Discount codes for existing medical apparel companies e.g. scrubs, white coats, that are exclusive to ApeDocs NFT holders.

  • In real life ApeDocs meet-ups.

  • ApeDocs Mentorship/ Networking programs where wise elder ApeDocs can take youngsters into their furry armpits and help them with career advice/ research opportunities. 

  • ApeDocs Alternative Careers Club - for ApeDocs looking to network and work outside of healthcare, but not sure where to start. Expert speakers from the web3/crypto world to help HCWs interested in expanding into web3 projects/careers. 

  • ApeDocs branded merchandise (clothing, medical apparel)

Each time a member shares a story of how the ApeDocs Family gave them great study resources, taught them interesting medical cases, helped them get research publications, provided valuable career advice (...or just had the best medical memes), the benefits of being part of the ApeDocs community will become more and more clear, causing a frenzy of young apes to try to join.

Still unsure? *sigh* OK, last chance. Check out this blog post.


 Join our Shrewdness of Apes

(No, really, that's the collective name for a group of apes...)

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  • discord-black-icon-703937_edited

There's no better way to find out what the ApeDocs are all about than joining our community. Don't FOMO into this project for the sake of it, come check out our Discord and see if you think it's a community you truly want to be a part of. 

Whitelisting and free giveaways will be awarded based on social media support, as well as (mainly) through authentic and sustained engagement with the community. 


The ApeDocs Timeline



Launch Instagram. Launch Twitter. Launch Discord. Gather OGs and early adopters for whitelisting/ free NFT airdrops. 



Establishing ApeDocs admins/ moderators. Late February whitelisting/pre-sale, followed by public sale of entire collection. Continued focus on community growth, with creation of dedicated channels for different countries/ specific HCWs (e.g. nurses, PAs, dentists, specialties in medicine.



Setting up a calendar of journal clubs/ grand rounds to help boost medical education. Providing free/discounted access to courses/resources partnered with ApeDocs to NFT holders. Combined value of educational perks targeted to be $1000 by Year 1. 



Launch of the ApeDocs Alternative Career program with speakers invited/ group discussions on careers for HCWs outside of traditional medicine. Expert speakers from the web3/crypto world to help HCWs interested in expanding into web3 projects/careers. Launch of the ApeDocs Mentorship program helping to pair ApeDocs NFT holders with senior mentors in their area of interest (within the world of medicine). 




ApeDocs discounts with medical apparel companies (e.g. scrubs/ white coat/ stethoscope). First series of ApeDocs official in real life meetups, starting in major cities across the world, with funding from ApeDocs treasury.



ApeDocs full online medical conference. Creation of original ApeDocs educational resources e.g. Interview Preparation Courses, Personal Statement Workshops. Expert weekly speakers on the main stage from across the healthcare spectrum (e.g. dental specialists, experienced nurses, physical therapists). Launch of an ApeDocs Charity Program.

Meet The Team

Usama LM_edited.png
new face usama_edited.png


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Dermatologist. Front-end software engineer. 20,000 Instagram followers, 6,000 YouTube subscribers. 

shirin new face_edited.png


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Internal Medicine doctor. Lifestyle blogger. Graphic artist. 134,000 Instagram followers. 60,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Crypto degen. The shy one. Web3 enthusiast and investor. Disgruntled ex-doctor (love the people, not the job). IG unavailable.

So many NFT projects these days have anonymous founding members with cartoon avatars that disappear into the darkness once their collections are sold. The 'timelines' and 'missions' dissolve, leaving the communities they all pretended to love so much to fade away.


Well, doctors have a different code of conduct. And ApeDocs have the HIGHEST code of conduct (although we occasionally do throw poop at the walls when we argue with administrators...)  That's why we have public founding members. We are real doctors, with combined Instagram/ YouTube followings of over 200,000 people. We have spent over 5 years creating online communities of doctors/medical students and using our online platforms to educate people on healthcare topics. This is something we truly care about.

Core Team

Web Dev: @TDDG

Marketing Lead: Grace Hatton

Solidity Dev: @dmanvers

Community: @R.O.siah

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Mint / Buy

Get an ApeDoc

Our ApeDocs NFTs are AVAILABLE NOW over on OpenSea! Click the 'Buy' button here to be directed to our official collection (and look out for the blue check mark so you know it's the real collection!) 

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New to the space and need more step-by-step buying instructions? Click here.

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